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We have great pleasure to introduce ourselves as a professional leading Pest Control service provider at Gujarat.

Yogeshwar Pest Control started from the year 1998 is developed by the helping & life saving vision of the chairman Mr. Mitul Patel, whose experience in this field is adorable. Our Staff are highly trained professionals. They are specialized for the work quality and customer's Satisfaction.

The main aim of this company is to make each and every premise & your surroundings healthy & hygienic for every individual to live in & breath in, so that you can lead a very prosperous life.

We have been servicing for all types of pest control treatment and anti termite treatment service. We have large no. of customers consisting of Corporate, Individual Residences, Co-operative Societies, Government Offices, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Cinemas, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Warehouses etc. We ensure the maximum output with the optimum quality with perspective of Human health & hygiene. We believe in Flexibility, Reliability, Execution of service within budgetary parameters and Time Adherence with experienced, competent and professional staff.

Why Pest Control ?

In our fast running life of Gujarat, we need some space to breath & rest for a while. At the same time population of common household pests is also increasing in Gujarat due to uncertain climatic changes. These conditions are favourable to these pests, which results into breach into our peace. There are several pests like Cockroaches, Bed bugs, rats, flies, mosquitoes, termite, mites & borers which are directly or indirectly causing loss to our health & belongings. We often suffer due to diseases like dengue, malaria, laptospiros is & salmonellas are etc. Itching, irritation & sleeplessness affect our efficiency. Sometime we come across embarrassing situation in front of guests due to pests. Termite is silent feeder which badly damage wooden articles, valuable documents & expensive clothing. Rodents are main culprit of grain loss in storage. Human blood is readily available food for bed bugs & mosquitoes. Hence Pest control Service has become unavoidable for fast life. Pest control is part of sanitation & hygiene, which helps to control epidemic.

We are also available at Satelte, Maninagar, and Anand and Serve all Gujarat.

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